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вакансия кинокритика \ киноведа 

24.08.2011 - 10:01 - вакансия кинокритика \ киноведа
категория: постоянная работа
место работы: Москва, Россия
начало работы: 24.08.2011 окончание работы: 24.08.2011
зарплата: по результатам собеседования

 Our criteria:

* Age 25 years and up
* Minimum BA degree education in cinema related studies
* Fluent English and/or French, German, Italian etc.
* Working experience in the field of cinema and/or television of at least 2 years
* Passion for and knowledge of modern cinema

Basically we are looking for an educated professional film freak with great taste that can find a needle in a haystack. Somebody who will separate the provocative from the dull, the original from the banal and most of all the clever from the boring

дополнительные условия: