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SOS Shikahogh 

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документальный фильм, 23 мин, 2005, Armenia

The first in a series of environmental films produced by Vem Media Arts in Yerevan has been released. The 23-minute documentary film on the movement to save the Shikahogh Nature Reserve in southern Armenia was funded by Armenia Tree Project, Armenian Forests NGO, and the World Wildlife Fund Caucasus Office. The government announced a plan in 2005 to build a highway to Iran right through the middle of the old growth Mtnadzor forest, which occupies about half of the Shikahogh Reserve in Syunik. The 10,000 ha reserve is home to innumerable rare and endangered plant and animal species, whose habitats would have been gravely threatened by the project.

тематика или жанр:экологическая тематика
формат оригинала:DVCAM
язык оригинала:армянский / английские субтитры/
сценарий:Инга Зарафян
Режиссер:Nikolay Davtyan
Производство и продюсеринг:Студия "ВЕМ"

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